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Jan 21st
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IDC Luncheon welcomes Rabbi Jack Bemporad

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On Thursday May 20 at noon Rabbi Jack Bemporad who has over 30 years of interfaith dialogue experience gave a wonderful speech that we all listened to very carefully. He answered 3 very important questions, which were:

-How can I be true to my faith without being false to yours?
-What is the place of the other religions in our own self-understanding?
-What are the common moral and ethical elements of our religions?

He answered each question with great detail, we also enjoyed a Turkish lunch right before the speech, and everything came together perfectly.

Rabbi Jack Bemporad started off by saying; we should compare our faiths as best to best, and worst to worst, what some people do is that they take the best of their faith compare to the worst of the other. We should respect everyone’s faith, as much as we respect our own.

Hillel a great sage that lived 20-30 years before Jesus said “don‘t judge your fellow human being until you stand in his/her place. Before I can judge or criticize you or even understand you; I have to put myself in your shoes; I have to understand your fears your desires, your needs, your values. Then I could appreciate what you have to say.

We always tend to judge the other in terms of our best self’s, saying to the other “I would never do it”, before you judge someone, ask yourself “Have I ever done that?”, if you haven’t think of your loved ones and see if they have done it.

We literally have to find ways of communication that seek understanding, not negotiation, not manipulations and not all these other ways. It is being clear what the terms mean, we should get to know each other, and then we can start to understand.  We have to discuss theology to study and analyze God's attributes and relations to the universe.

The place of the other religions in our own self-understanding is that you have to find a way, which we can from our own perspective and our religious, view the place of the other so that it has an honored place rather than a condemned place.

Pope John Paul the 2nd said we need to use the power the influence that religions have for good, there has been enough of religious use for evil, where religions have taught hatred.  We have a lot of power.

Rabbi Bemporad commented on the third question by asking, “Can’t we unite on a common ethic that is objective, not subjective, and is universal and mobilize religious communities to bring that about?” Religions have to unite worldwide, mobilize the religious so they can help out globally. In Judaism it says in the Tosefta, “The righteous of all nations have the place in the world to come, that means you don’t have to be Jewish to have immortality, which means all you have to do is to lead a righteous life. What is a righteous life? A person chooses to do what is right and virtuous because of his or her love and obedience to the One Holy, Almighty God and for God's Glory alone.

Click here to learn more about Rabbi Bemporad.

17 Academy St. Suite 701 Newark, NJ 07102

May 20, 2010 at noon

IDC Luncheons are open to public but RSVP is required. Please RSVP by calling 973-353-9333

Some Pics from the Event below:

Rabbi Bemporad


Dr. Levent Koc-Rabbi. Bemporad

Rabbi Jack Bemporad and Guests


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