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Jan 21st
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IDC Welcomes NJ Homeland Security Director, Charles B. McKenna

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On Wednesday, March 23rd 2011, The IDC hosted NJ Homeland Security Director, Charles B. McKenna.  His topic for the Luncheon was "Personal Preparedness and Planning".

He started off his lecture by talking about what his office does. The Department Homeland Security and Preparedness focuses on preparedness. Not only do they deal with terrorists, but they also deal with natural disasters an etc. They are prepared for anything that might happen in the state, a manmade disaster, industrial, as well as a natural disaster. We live in perhaps the most densely populated state, we sit next right to New York, and so we are somewhat at risk. We have the largest port on the east coast of the United States, which means we are pretty much out there. We have to be prepared for anything that might happen, and his office of staff is just trained for that.

Althoug state is prepared for all kinds of disasters, people's personal preparedness is not less important. So, Mr. McKenna talked about the ways that people could prepare for a disaster.

He also mentioned about the disaster in Japan, by showing the guests some pictures that he had brought in. People’s homes were destroyed, family were lost, and their lively hoods were gone.  He showed some pictures of people waiting in long lines just to get into the market, people crying, people posting up notes hoping their lost loved ones will see. The Nuclear Power Plant explosion, thousands had to flee the towns because of radiation. It was a very tragic disaster.

Many attended the Luncheon, including 4 cogmressmen from the Turkish Parliament, Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, Zeynep Dagi,. Mehmet Sahin and Mehmet Tuncak. A wonderful lunch was served and great conversations were shared. We thank, Charles B. McKenna for giving us a great lecture.

Rep. Mehmet Sahin, who is also a calligrapher, presented Charles McKenna his name written on water marbling at the end of the program.

Some pictures from the Luncheon:


IDC Video

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