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Jul 19th
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The Necessity of Interfaith Dialog: A Muslim Perspective

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IDC attended the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church annual conference to deliver a speech on Interfaith Dialog in Islamic Perspective on June 1st 2011.

UMC Conference is an annual event which covers 667 churches throughout Greater New Jersey Area and takes place every four days.

Ferhan Tunagur, an IDC Volunteer Member and Professor of Communications from Rutgers University made his presentation on "The Necessity of Interfaith Dialog; A Muslim Perspective". In his speech, Prof. Tunagur mentioned some important verses about dialog.

"O humanity, We created you from one (pair) of a man and a woman and formed you into peoples and tribes to (make you) know each other(not to take pride in your color or race, or claim superiority due to your color, race, or socioeconomic status.) (49:13)

In his speech, he mentioned that only through dialog, we become better Muslim and/or religious person, individually and collectively. The importance of living together, not isolation from each other, but accepting and understanding each "other", and each other's faith. Dealing with stereotypes through social interactions.

We thanks Rev. Jessica Campbell, Ecumencal Officer, for inviting us to this important gatherig.


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