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Jun 15th
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Conference: 9/11 and its impacts on international relations

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Dr. John Farmer ( Keynote Speaker)

Peace Islands Institute organized a conference in cooperation with Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy titled "9/11 and its impacts on international relations and domestic politics" on March 23rd, 2012 between 9am and 1 pm.

Conference Synopsis

(Summary will be available soon)

The attacks on September 11, 2001 changed, to a great extent, the nature and course of international relations. This change has also raised questions within America as well as in many other soocountries about the direction of the new era and the impact of these changes on the international relations and domestic politics.

As we enter the second decade after 9/11, can we be more hopeful that a peaceful world is beginning to emerge? Have begun the process of learning not only from 9/11 but also from the various domestic and international practices of each other that have followed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks?

This one-day conference aims to examine some of the impacts of 9/11 on international relations as well as domestic politics. The organizers desire a rich discussion of September 11th’s impact in areas such as civil liberties, diplomacy, democracy, religious and racial tolerance. The hope is that not only will we be reminded of the far-reaching impacts of the 9/11, but also the elasticity and resilience of our nation as it continues to deal with the aftermath.

The first panel will address the role of religion in the conduct of international relations after 9/11 and look at the contours of international relations. This panel will address how relevant religion is to foreign policy and the calculation of threats and interests. A review of Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" concept will be reviewed here and the issue of counter-terrorism cooperation will also be addressed.

The second panel will address the role of religion at the domestic level. What role does religion play in the politics and political discourses of countries after 9/11? The role of religious identity and differences in American political discourse will be addressed. This panel will also explore the Arab Spring and the role of Islam in politics overseas.


Keynote: Dr. John Farmer, Dean Rutgers Law School

First Panel:

Dr. Jon Pahl, Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia (Clashing Minorities, Converging Majorities: Toward a Coming Religious Peace)

Dr. Christopher Ferrero, Seton Hall Unv. School of Diplomacy and International Relations (Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Muslim’ Foreign Policy?)

Mehmet Kalyoncu, Independent Analyst (Combating Defamation of a Combat against Discrimination)

Second Panel:

Prof. Robert E. Michael, Pace Law School (The Anti-Shari’a Movement in the United States – Unconstitutional Discrimination or Homeland Security?)

Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, Seton Hall Unv. School of Diplomacy and International Relations (Othering Islam)

Dr. Dalia Fahmy, Long Island University (Religion, Politics & the Arab Spring)


Panel 1: Dr. Elizabeth Wilson

Panel 2: Dr. Christopher Ferrero

Pictures from the event:

Ambassador John K. Menzies, Dean of the School of Diplomacy, welcomed the guests

Dr. Jon Pahl

Dr. Christopher Ferrero

Mehmet Kalyoncu

Prof. Robert E. Michael

Dr. Elizabeth Wilson

Dr. Dalia Fahmy




Seton Hall University

Bishop Dougherty University Center

Chancellor's Suite

400 South Orange Avenue

South Orange, NJ 07079



from 9 am to 1 pm.


9:00 am: Welcome, Ambassador John Menzies, Dean, Seton Hall School of Diplomacy

9:15-10:30am Panel 1 - The role of religion in the conduct of international relations after 9/11

10:30-10:45 am: Break

10:45-12:00am Panel 2 - The role of religion at the domestic level after 9/11

12:00 pm: Key note and Q&A - Dr. John Farmer, Dean Rutgers Law School

12:40-1:00 Lunch & Fellowship



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