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Feb 21st
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Peace In Islam

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PII attended the United Methodist Church in Park Ridge, to deliver a speech on "Peace in Islam" on Thursday March 15, 2012. Dr. Mesut Sahin, a PII Volunteer Member and a Professor at NJIT made his presentation on the topic.

Dr. Sahin started his speech with the meaning of Islam, which means "submission"; submission of desires to the will of God, "to surrender" or "resign oneself" and "Peace"; personal peace attained by utterly submitting to God (Allah). He then proceeded the greeting of "Salam" which means "Peace be upon you."

Furthermore Dr Sahin talked about the life of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) and other Prophets mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. He gave examples of struggles and challenges of Prophets with their communities, talked about the Islamic belief of common characteristics of all Prophets being trustworthy, reliable and fatanet [extra ordinary intelligence and understanding, creativity]. He mentioned the belief of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) being the Seal of the Prophets, the last of the Messengers.

In major misconceptions part Dr. Sahin said every religion had some extremists throughout the history, who had interpreted the holy book out of concept and put those as reasoning behind their wild activities.

Q&A session followed the speech.

It was a very educational experience. We thank Pastor Dr. Sudhama Ananda for the invitation.

Some pictures from the event:


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