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Apr 15th
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Value of Women Award Ceremony: Contributions of Women to Public Service

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Peace Islands Insitute hosted its 4th Annual Program "Value of Women in Our Community Award Ceremony" on Sunday April 29th, 2012. The topic in this year's program was “Contributions of Women to Public Service”

Keynote Speakers, Rev. Dr. Annari Griesel, Director of Pastoral Care at JFK Medical Center and Nasuhi Yurt, Vice President of Ebru TV shared their thoughts about the "Contributions of Women to Public Service". Rev. Griesel talked about historically women not having an easy time of either gaining power or subsequently earning authority. She said "In the United States, for instance, even a century ago, women did not have the right to vote in all 50 states. No woman had served in Congress as an elected Senator until Hattie Wyatt Caraway, Senator of Arkansas, was elected in 1931. No woman had served in Congress as an elected Representative until Jeannette Rankin, representative from Montana, was elected in 1917"

She stated even though in the last century much has been accomplished in women rights "However, one thing that many of us have felt, and experienced, is that for us to transform Power to earned Authority and Respect… among our peers and culture… has often required much more of us as women than would be required of men. She thanked and congragulate the honorees and gave exmaples of other women who did so much for their society.

Dr. Yurt reflected on a quote from an article of Mr. Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Muslim scholar, a great thinker and a sufi says under the title of “women: a source of mercy” ; Woman in her nature, was created a magnificent example of affection and compassion with respect to her inner faculties; affection and compassion is a part of her temperament and nature by creation. A woman of this pure nature always thinks of compassion, speaks, sits and stands in both compassion and affection, watches those around her in affection throughout her life, and offers seeds and fruits of affection to everybody and every other living soul. At the same time, due to her refinement and sincerity in her soul and nature, she suffers from within for every injustice, every pain, every calamity. As a result of her compassion, Women cares for everybody. As she shares pleasure, delight, and joy, she blooms like a rose with sweet smiles for those around her. Upon seeing their grief and sorrow, she grows pale, and groans with pain. He closed his speech with an anonymous saying:

Be careful if you make a women cry, because GOD counts her tears...

A women came out of a man's rib... Not from his feet to be walked on, Not from his head to be superior over, But from his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved...

The Honorees Middlesex County Sherrif Mildred S. Scott and Dr. Sule Oygur Curator of Science Exhibit, Newark Museum were presented their awards. Dr. Oygur and Sheriff Scott thanked for the award and gave examples from their life how they contribute to the society with much pleasure.

Soon after, a group of young kids performed their Turkish folk dances to the audience. Program ended with food cooked by PII volunteer

We thank Rev. Dr. Annari Griesel for hosting the program at the JFK Medical Center; and all the volunteer for magnificient food.

Some pictures from the event:



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