Turkey Trip Grand Reunion 2010


Feb 27th 2011, The IDC hosted it's annual Turkey Trip Grand Reunion. Turkey trip attendees from past IDC Intercultural Trips attended the event.

The MC, Paul Gibbons, a professor at Seton Hall University, invited some of the past Turkey trip travelers to the podium to share their thoughts about the IDC.

Mayor Sophie Heymann, talked about her wonderful, and educational trip to Turkey. She enjoyed the culture, scenery and the food very much. She ended by wishing that this country and Turkey were at better terms with each other, and that we could enjoy the peace and the dialogue that the IDC stands for.

Fr. Philip Latrinco, was one of the first travelers to Turkey. He referred to himself as Dr. Koc's  "Experiment" (First Trip). He talked about how they never slept, they were up 6:15 am, not to pray but to experience the beauty of Turkey. He mentioned how the IDC has grown over the years. He remembered the time he had first met Dr. Koc, and his first trip to the IDC office in Carlstadt, NJ. Now, the headquarters is based in Newark. He ended by saying "the thing we stand together is to live our faiths in freedom and tolerance of one another".

Rev. John DeVelder was last to speak, He mentioned when he first met the IDC, he didn't know who they were. He agreed to have an "Thanks Giving Dinner" with them at the Hospital in New Brunswick, over 200 people had showed up, he said, it was wonderful. As he had the chance to get to know the IDC he was intrigued by them, he wanted to get to know them more, that is when he decided to go on a trip to Turkey.  He shared, his experiences to the places he had traveled to, which he loved very much.  He said "peace will come"

A Folk dance group, from Pioneer Academy of Science performed a couple of cultural, traditional dances for the audience. The children did very well, we thank them for their dedication.

Soon after, a musical group called "The wind of Anatolia" played some songs to the guest, which everyone enjoyed very much. They explained the meaning of every song played, they were beautiful.

There were slide shows of pictures of past trips from 2005-2010.  A delicious lunch was served which was provided by the IDC, interesting conversation were made, old friends were reunited once again.

Mayor Sophie Heymann

Fr. Philip Latronico

Rev. Dr. John DeVelder

Paul Gibbons